Antlerless Harvest Deer Blind Giveaway!

Two Lucky Winners Will Be Randomly Drawn to Receive a Deer Blind


WHY: White-tailed deer can have negative effects on forest when the population exceeds that of the carrying capacity of the land. This can result in heavy damage to native species, reduced forest regeneration, and increased densities of invasive plant species. By harvesting antlerless (female) deer negative impacts of high deer densities can be reduced: providing better habitat that can sustain native plants and trees for future generations. Submit the requested information for entry into giveaway.


What Can A Michigan ACF Certified Forester Do For You?

    • ACF Certified Foresters offer a range of services that may include (but is not limited to):
      • Forest Management Plan Development
      • Tax Abatement Program Enrollment
      • Timber Sale Preparation
      • Timber Sale Administration
      • Forest Management
      • Land Management
      • Forest Stand Improvement
      • Assessments
      • Inventory
      • Invasive Species Control
      • Pest Management
      • Pruning & Thinning
      • Plantation Management
      • Consultation
      • Education
      • Road & Trail Planning/ Implementation
      • Urban Tree Care
      • Wildlife Habitat Management
      • Food Plot Planning/Implementation

Why Choose Michigan ACF Certified Foresters?

Due to the rigorous educational and experience requirements, you can have confidence that Michigan ACF foresters have a depth of knowledge and skill to assist you with your forest and land management.

ACF foresters are also held to the highest of standards through our Code of Ethics. As a consultant, your ACF forester will hold the priorities of your goals and forest as the top priority. By not having ties to timber markets, when it comes to timber harvest, this also will ensure that recommended management will be in your best interest.